Welcome to DMC Media Portal

The Media Portal provides you a window into your media archive at the DMC

This visibility empowers you and your team to create more value from your content by,

  • Reflecting on your archive
  • Tracking your current and historic requests
  • Kick-starting international audio and subtitle workflows
  • Distributing mezzanine versions to your affiliate partners
  • Creating video-on-demand versions for set-top-box and mobile devices
  • Requesting outgest and dub requests
  • Generating reports
A secure set of tools means that you can choose who has can view your metadata and who can create repurposing requests.

The DMC prides itself on the quality and scope of the services it provides. All Requests created in the Media Portal are completed to the highest Service Level, just as if you'd picked up the phone or dropped by for a coffee.

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